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May 5, 2022

The trucking industry is facing a hiring crisis–there’s no way around it. The driver shortage is making national news and calling for new federal initiatives. But, guess what? We’re not the only industry facing tough times with hiring and retention right now. The service industry as a whole is right there with us.

That’s why on this episode, Zac is joined by Tersh Blissett and Josh Crouch–hosts of the Service Business Mastery podcast, which helps home service industry business owners and managers succeed in business. Josh, Tersh, and Zac chat about their perspectives coming from different blue collar industries, how service-based companies can start to focus on hiring well (instead of just getting “butts in seats”), and how to retain employees with benefits that matter to them.

To listen to the Service Business Mastery podcast, click here.

Compelling Quotes:

  • [7:17] So getting into the people business, really understanding what people need Is not necessarily what the general population has done for 30 years, just because that's the way we've done it. Taking a step back and looking at–this is what people need today.
  • [10:16] You're pushed towards, ‘let's go to college and have a professional degree’. And then the individuals who aren’t, then they assume ‘okay, well, you can't do this, so let's do this (service-based job)’. And that's not the case. I mean, in reality, there are some people who are very, very intelligent that are in the trades.
  • [17:54] Hiring is marketing and marketing is hiring. Always be marketing towards the hiring.
  • [24:14] If you don't have the right management structure in place and the managers don't care about their employees, they’re just a number.
  • [29:19] It's not all about profits. It has to be people first. And if it's not people. I said, these other things are going to come and it's going to wipe it all out. And you're not going to have the same business model you do now.