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Jun 13, 2024

Your mental health as a trucker is just as important as your physical health behind the wheel, but it often gets overlooked or pushed aside due to shame, fear, and a litany of other emotions that we often want to hide. 

As the first episode of Season 5, we could not have come out of the gate with a more important topic....

Jun 13, 2024

The world of trucking never stands still. Whether charging ahead at full speed or reversing to correct a missed turn, those wheels keep turning. Drive by HandledNow is here to accompany you on that journey, no matter how many miles lie ahead. 

Join Zac Elsts and his co-host, Chelsea Faulkner, for engaging in industry...

Apr 25, 2024

There are no bigger hearts than those of truckers. This year marks the 35th year of the Mother’s Day Make-A-Wish Convoy through Susquehanna Valley, and Convoy Committee Co-Chair Terry Finch speaks with Zac and Chelsea to mark this milestone year.

Terry helps steer the largest truck convoy east of the Mississippi where...

Feb 22, 2024

It’s no secret why Indiana is called “The Crossroads of the World,” and today’s episode celebrates not only the state’s role in the transportation industry but also the latest initiatives that could affect your routes, your loads, and put you on the fast lane to growth opportunities.

Vincent Ash is the Chief...

Feb 8, 2024

It’s time to dispel myths and spread the word about the often unseen contributions of women in trucking.

And Jennifer Hedrick, President and CEO of Women in Trucking Association, is doing just that.

In this episode, Zac and Chelsea talk with Jennifer about the incredible strides Women in Trucking has made in...